Storytime Songs

Here’s a list of my favorite Songs
to use in an All Ages Storytime or Family Dance Party.


Victor Vito by Laurie Berkner

  • – The Goldfish
  • – Fruit Salad Salsa (Egg shakers)
  • – I Feel Crazy So I Jump In The Soup


The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band_FINAL COVER

The Best Of The Laurie Berkner Band by Laurie Berkner

  • – We Are The Dinosaurs
  • – BOOTS
  • – The Goldfish
  • – I Know A Chicken (Egg shakers)



Buzz Buzz by Laurie Berkner

  • – popcorn calling me (Bubbles)



Whaddaya Think Of That? by Laurie Berkner

  • – Wimoweh (The lion sleeps tonight) (Egg Shakers)



Jim Gill Sings The Sneezing Song And Other Contagious Tunes by Jim Gill

  • – Hands Are For Clapping
  • – Alabama, Mississippi (Egg Shakers)
  • – Silly Dance Contest



Jim Gill Sings Moving Rhymes for Modern Times by Jim Gill

  • – Jump up, Turn around



Vote for Jim Gill by Jim Gill

  • – Hammer and Saw
  • – The countdown
  • – One from the Left (A finger play)



Miss Carole’s Dancing Feet by Carole Peterson

  • – Dancing Scarf Blues (Scarves)
  • – The Shaker Hop (Egg Shakers)
  • – Shoo Fly (Scarves)
  • – Shoo Fly (animal version) (Scarves)


season sings

Season Sings by Miss Carole

  • Leaves are falling (Scarves)
  • Blow the wind (Scarves) 
  • Hat, Jacket, Pants, and Boots
  • Jingle Bells and Stop! (Egg Shakers)



Tiny Tunes by Carole Peterson

  • – The Bathtub song (Scarves)
  • – I’m A Little Seed
  • – Walkin’ Shoes
  • – Walk Walk
  • – Looby Loo
  • – Say Goodbye!



More Singable Songs by Raffi

  • – Shake My Sillies Out