June : Toddler Art Part 1

Bubble Paint!


This month we had TWO sessions of Toddler Art. Upon request by the parents, I decided to offer more Toddler Art programs during the Summer. (I know it’s July already but it’s been a busy summer.) This was a really easy and cheap project.

What you’ll need:
– Food Coloring
– Bubbles
– Water
– Straws
– Card stock paper
– Cups
– Spoons (optional)

How To:
Easy Peasy, just mix some food coloring in some cups with bubble mixture and a little water, put your straw in it and blow. You can scoop out the bubbles with the spoon or straw and place them on the paper. Once the bubbles pop and the paper dries you’ll have an interesting abstract art piece.

Some of our toddlers got a little carried away with the whole scooping of the bubbles thing and just made sloppy goopy messes but that’s to be expected. Also, we always have the parents work directly with their children in our art programs, so they are always supervised. Some still ended up sucking up the bubble mixture instead of blowing into it but all that happened was an unpleasant taste in their mouths (the bubbles were none toxic).



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