Opioids In the Library

Opioids in the Library

You may have seen the articles (and here) about Chera Kowalski, a librarian in Philadelphia who was trained on how to administer Narcan to people overdosing on opioids, in the park outside her library. According to one article, in the past two months, she’s helped save 8 people. This reality hit Peoria, Illinois just a few weeks ago at our Main branch. We had our first, (hopefully, last) incident and Narcan was administered. As a response, our Administration provided training to our staff who wanted to learn how to administer this lifesaving drug to anyone who may be overdosing on an opioid.

od 4

Yesterday, me and about 20 of my staff members took this training course on how to administer Narcan, with a local registered nurse. We were able to practice on oranges with a salt water solution, syringe and needle. We were also given two Narcan kits to take back to our locations.

od image 3

Today,  The Today Show aired a segment on this topic, just this morning. This is a real issue hitting home to lots of people. It’s happening everywhere, in parks, gas stations, and yes, even libraries. Is your library doing anything to prepare for this? I’d like to hear what other people have to say on this topic and the steps they’re taking to assist.


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