Picture Books for New Parents

Picture Books (as gifts) for New Parents (and baby)

Have you ever gotten invited to a baby shower and didn’t know what to get them? Of course you can go with something on their registry but what if all the affordable things are gone? What do you do then? What if this is someone you don’t know all that well, or even someone you do know well so you want to get them a great gift with meaning.

I give you, my top 5 books, of recent years, for new parents and baby.

And if you needed another reason to buy books as a gift, reading to children promotes brain development and language skills.

So Many Days By Alison McGhee

A cute story about the possibilities in life. A parents reflects on the positive characteristics of a child as s/he experiences the ups and downs in life. In the end the child is told, “You are loved more than you know.”


Welcome: A Mo Willems guide for new arrivals by Mo Willems

A welcome home book that reads like a pamphlet to a resort, “Please enjoy your stay,” there will be music, cats, and stories. With mirrors on the inside front and back cover, it makes for a fun book to read with your little one as you journey through this guide about life.


Wish By Matthew Cordell

A gentle story about an elephant couple and the many plans they have for life. These plans always included a wish for a child. But sometimes plans don’t always happen the way you expect, and you may have to wait a little. But one day, “You are here.” This would make a great gift for someone who may have struggled with getting pregnant.


Silly Wonderful You by Sherri Duskey Rinker

A silly story about a mom who just couldn’t imagine all the things that would happen with the addition of a child to the family. Now that the child is here, she is still surprised by all the crazy little things that happen.  But in the end realizes that dreams do come true, all because of silly, wonderful, you.


I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

A simple story about a parents wish for happiness and positive experiences in their child’s life. “I wish you more ups than downs.” A wish that keeps on giving as “you are everything I could wish for … and more.”



BONUS: Littles and how they Grow by Kelly DiPucchio

A little book about how loved and cute littles are when they are born. From naps, to feedings, to baths, they are cared for by all the bigs in their lives. And one day, “in the blink of an eye,” they too grow big.


And of course some of the classics

And anything by Emma Dodd

Let me know some of your other favorite books to give to new parents or picture books for kids in general.


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