Tadpoles in the Library

Did you hear?

We have Tadpoles in the Library this year!


After last years success with the Butterflies, I decided to try out a new friend(s) this year. TADPOLES!

These tadpoles will turn into Leopard Frogs after about a 12-16 week transformation. Right now they are more fish like than frog like as they don’t have lungs yet. Fun fact, when they develop both their front and hind legs, they will stop eating and get their nourishment from their tale as it gets absorbed into the body.

So far things have been going well, we’ve had the tadpoles for about 4 weeks and haven’t seen much change. They are a little more involved, work wise, than the butterflies were. So, be prepared to change their water every week and feed them about once a day.

Stay tuned for updated posts as these little ones change over the course of Summer Reading this year.


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