May : Toddler Art

Apple Stamp Tea Towels!

apple apple

This was a fun project. Inspired by a post on Pinterest, about decorating tote bags with apples as stamps. The project was pretty self explanatory. Cut up some apples. Paint them with a sponge brush and use the apple as a stamp on a white tea towel (I got those at Walmart, they sell them in bundles of 5 or 10). After stamping your tea towels (every kid got two of them, because tea towels should come in a set), you can let them dry a little and use some fabric markers to add stems and leaves to your apples.

Our toddler artists got creative with their stamps this session and used their hands as well!

Some more of our finished projects.

We had some parents leave their towels with us overnight so they could dry, this seems to be an on going trend lately. We use a lot of paint. So I’m working on a system of leaving art work overnight and pick up that will work well for us in the future. As I’m not in the building every hour we are open, I need to inform the rest of my staff were these art projects will be kept.


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