April : Toddler Art

Toddler Art – Night Lights

These were so much fun to make.



We used clear dessert cups for these but you can easily use clear plastic cups as well.

Take some colored masking tape (We used the Scotch Brand) and cover two or four sides of your cup in vertical or horizontal lines.

Next find some book covers (We used bedtime themed book covers because this is a nightlight) and print them out to the size you want. Cut those out and mod podge them to the other two sides of the cup. Cover with mod podge to seal the paper image.

Place a batter operated LED tea light candle in the cup and turn it on.



Notes: While there is always parent involvement in any art craft we do, I want to stress that these crafts are for our kids to do and parents to assist. Too many times I see parents doing the craft for the child and not letting the child create something of their own. The whole purpose of these programs is to work on fine motor skills and allow kids to experiment with art and tools they may otherwise not get to at home. That being said, I realize that some of these crafts may be “advanced” for some toddlers but I’ve noticed older kids are attending these sessions more than the 2-4 age group.  Because of this, I may rework and rename the program to Preschool Art. To give it a little bump in age but still allow that younger group to attend.


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