March : Toddler Art

Toddler Art

Bleeding Tissue Paper Art

As with most of my crafts, this one was inspired by a Pinterest Post. It’s real easy and simple and the kids had a great time. The only item I needed to purchase was Bleeding Tissue Paper, which I found on Amazon. ( We had leftover canvases from a previous Toddler Art ) There is plenty in this one package for a whole group, with plenty leftover. We had 13 in attendance this month.


Step one: Cut or tear pieces of tissue paper and arrange them on a canvas board. (Note: the darker colors show up better, I’d stick with using those.)


Step Two: Wet the paper with a sponge brush. You can do this one of two ways. You can get the canvas wet and then place your papers on top, or you can place the papers down first and wet the top of the papers with the sponge, or both really.


Step Three: Let the papers dry for a little, but not completely as the papers will reabsorb the ink back up and you’ll be left with very faint color (as seen below). Then remove the papers gently, and watch the colored water puddles as you lift the tissue off. Discard the tissue right away as it will stain other surfaces and even fingers. Plastic gloves may be used if needed.


Optional Step four: Redo steps 1-3 for a darker, richer color and see if you can’t play with the colored water as you remove the sheets of paper before they dry completely. With this project, water is important, but less is more in this case, too much water and you dilute the color, too little water and it doesn’t get the whole sheet of tissue.


Below are some images of the art created by our kids this month. Some got messy, others got creative and everyone had a good time. We even got to practice using scissors and learning colors.


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