February: Toddler Art

Toddler Art!

This month we made Valentines cards with foam stickers and paint and paper towel rolls.


These foam stickers are great! You can use them on tons of crafts and they make great stamps. I got the idea from Quirky Momma’s Facebook Page and you can check her out here.


Originally, I put paint out on a paper plate and tried to roll my stamp roller through it to pick up the paint.

This was pretty difficult and resulted in globby stamps. (see photo below)


And globby stamps make globby stamped images.


But without adding more paint, I continued to roll and the colors seemed to fade and the image came out clearer.


Then, I got smart and decided to paint the paint on the foam stickers and then roll!


Although, I didn’t notice till now that my hearts may be the right way but my X’s and O’s were backward. I informed our patrons of this before they set to sticking foam stickers to their rollers, that while it may look correct on the roller, imagine what it will look like when it actually get’s rolled out.

And here we have a really creative mom taking an extra paper-towel (or toilet paper tube) and bending it so it becomes the shape of a heart and they had an extra stamper for their cards.


And here are some of the finished cards I made. I also put out markers for the kids if they wanted to draw on their cards as well.

I was secretly hoping that the parents would also give their kids a lesson in mailing letters at home after they finished their cards (maybe take them to the post office too!). I mentioned this would make a great follow up activity to Toddler Art today and I hope they all had fun!



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