January: Toddler Art

Toddler Art!

Velcro Sticks!

This month we made Velcro sticks. These were pretty easy. Each child got a bag with all the supplies in it they needed.


Then they set to work!


Our Velcro dots were too big for our sticks, so we had to cut them in half. You can do better than me by buying the larger popsicle sticks.

How to:
1. Cut the Velcro dots in half.
2. On one side of the stick, place two “hard” half dots, one on each end
3. Flip the stick over
4. On the other side, place two “soft” half dots, one on each end
5. continue until all sticks are done.
6. Have fun!

These were a hit! The parents loved how they were walking home with an educational toy that helps promote engineering, colors, shapes, creativity, you name it! And those fine motor skills came into play when making and playing with the sticks.


I included some building inspiration photos in the bag as well. Feel free to print these out for your use. PDF’s are below.




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