Friday the 13th Party

Friday the 13th Party


Friday the 13th Party plan:

  1. Play the Roll the Dice, Break the Ice game. I simplified this game to only include the first 12 questions as we didn’t have a 20 sided dice. Simply put, each person rolls the dice and the number they roll is the question they answer. Questions are easy and fun and include things like, “My favorite movie is…” and “My favorite food is..” This allows us to get to know each other a little better before moving into the other game and craft.
  2. Since, we’re already sitting in a circle we’ll move onto the Saran Wrap Ball Game. Each person takes turns rolling the dice again. This time they want to get doubles. Once they do, they put on the gloves and try to unwrap the saran wrap ball to get to the prizes inside. All the while other players are still rolling the dice in hopes of getting doubles as well. When the next person gets doubles, the current person unwrapping must stop and hand over the gloves and ball. Any items they freed from the ball they get to keep.
  3. Break for snacks and juice.
  4. Craft time! Fortune tellers make great crafts for Friday the 13th as its considered an unlucky day and many people would love to know what their future holds.
  5. Free time to play and talk as long as they’d like.


Friggatriskaidekaphobia :
The Fear of Friday the 13th


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