The Search for the Christmas Pickle

The Search for the Christmas Pickle – 2016

One of our staff members suggested we do a hunt for the Christmas Pickle this year. She had just learned of this German Tradition and was excited to bring it to the library. I had told her that we’ve done this in my family every year, since I could remember (we’re German) and I’d love to help her out with this project. So here you have it!


We have some very talented individuals at PPL and two of ours staff members found a free pattern online and made pickles for all our branches. We then got the pickle on the right from Oriental Trading as back ups in case someone decided to walk home with our original pickle. (I added the tag as an after thought about bringing the pickle to the information desk in case someone wasn’t aware of the program already.)

On the tag of the Oriental Trading pickle it explains a little bit about this tradition.

  • Legend of the Pickle : Start this tradition in your home… legend says that the pickle, a symbol of good luck, was the last ornament placed on the tree. The first child to find the pickle on Christmas morning was rewarded with an extra gift left by St. Nicholas. This tradition encourages children to appreciate all the beautiful ornaments on the tree, rather thar rushing to see what Santa has left for them.

The prize for finding the pickle is a candy cane this year. Each day the pickle goes out hiding in the children’s section and if you find him and bring him to the Information Desk you get the prize. I had wanted to get those special pickle flavored candy canes I saw at Walmart but decided against it. Maybe next time.


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