Day of the Dead – 2016

Day of the Dead Display





For the Display

I made tissue paper flowers, which was really easy and inexpensive (since we already had tissue paper in stock) and actually a lot of fun. I was really happy with the way they turned out.

I found a free print out of “Ten Things Kids Should Know About Day of the Dead” that comes in Spanish and English. I printed this out and put it in a clear stand with a colorful background. The flowers are foam pieces.

And the cute little banner I made was also a free print out. Click here to go to the page. I just used colored card stock when I printed it out.

The mini sugar skulls are white plastic cups with sugar skull faces drawn on them in permanent marker. I used LED tea lights (also on stock, leftover from another craft) to light them up and added a few extra around the table by themselves.

Free printed out sugar skull coloring sheets, books, & movies, and you’ve got your display!

Pinterest is golden for ideas and free print outs.


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