Guess The Weight of the Pumpkin 2016

Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin – 2016




This year I opted for a white pumpkin because not all pumpkins are orange. This is actually the third year we’ve been doing this but the first year with a white pumpkin. It has caused some talk around the library as to why the pumpkin is white? I won’t really get into the whys and such for the reason behind choosing a pumpkin that doesn’t fit the norm but with all that’s been going on in the media lately, I thought this may get some people thinking. And it has.

So, each year we do a contest to see who can guess the weight of the pumpkin just by looking at it. If you guess correctly you get a chance to be put in a drawing to win the pumpkin so you can take it home just in time for Halloween. I usually like to give the patron a week or so before Halloween if they want to carve it and use it as a decoration.

This years pumpkin only weighed 6 pounds. We had three people guess the exact weight and their tickets were put in a hat and one winner was called. She seemed pretty happy to receive that phone call this morning.

Happy Halloween!


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