September: Toddler Art

We’re starting a new series this month: Toddler Art!

Our blurb says: Come join us once a month for a fun artful activity geared towards toddlers. Let your child explore the world of colors and shapes while learning fine motor skills along the way. Art projects might leave something to be desired but it’s the process that really counts. For ages 2 to 4 with a caregiver.

I wanted to start off the series with an easy activity and also gauge everyone’s level of interest and wants along the way.


Here we did mess free painting in a bag.

I printed out an image of a tree on white card-stock paper. Parents were given a marker and asked to write their child’s name or the season at the bottom of the paper. I then asked the parents to help their children place small dots of paint, in whatever colors they wanted on their trees and trunks (we used acrylic paint for this). This is when they got creative and added color to the grass and rocks, something I didn’t think of doing. We then placed the sheet in a large gallon size zip lock bag and let the kids go at it. It last for about 8 minutes. They were told to take their paintings home and let them dry. A black permanent marker could be used to go over the outline of the tree to give it a more bold look. I had storytime books on hand for the kids to read/play with while I finished up cleaning and allowed them all to hang out as long as they liked. All in all it went over pretty well for our first try.


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