Eric Carle Party!

Eric Carle Party
To Celebrate Eric Carle’s Birthday on the 25th of June, I hosted a party in his favor.


Activities and Crafts Included:

  1. Watching The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other stories on DVD.
    This was playing on the TV in the background for kids to watch if they wanted something passive to do.


2. We had a temporary tattoo station with all Eric Carle characters. I got these at Oriental Trading.


3. Make your own Butterfly Cereal Bag. This was a simple craft/snack the kids got to put together. The trick is to only fill the back about a quarter full so you can clip the clothes pin through the middle.


4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, gummy worms. These were gluten free. For all the kids who are gluten intolerant. And coloring pages!


5. I set up a PhotoBooth with masks of Eric Carle characters. Off to the side, you can see a glittery background we put up to take the photos in front of. We even used our own hashtag, #EricCarlePPL16


6. No party would be complete without a Book Display!


7. Although Eric Carle did not write “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” He did do the imagery for the book. So we ate brown bears, or chocolate Teddy Grahams.


8. Create your own Spiderweb bookmark with Magic Color Scratch Bookmarks, Also from Oriental Trading.


9. Games! A type of Bozo Buckets! With the new bean bags we recently just got.



Lessons Learned:

  1. Provide more games for the kids to play. We have a fairly small meeting room so any more games would have taken up too much space. Next time it would be best to move the extra tables and chairs out of the room and store them some place else for the party.
  2. Provide a gelatin free option. How could I forget those who cannot eat gelatin?! I thought I was doing a good job by providing a gluten free snack, but alas I dropped the ball with that one. Nut free is also important to remember.

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