Children’s Book Week 2016

Children’s Book Week 2016

children's book week

Things got a little messed up with Children’s Book Week this year. The calendar on my desk said Children’s Book Week was from May 9th – 15th, so this is when I booked the program. I later go and check the website and see that it’s from May 2nd – 8th! I guess we’re celebrating a little late this year.

This year, I made a sucker ball or sucker flower. I bought a terracotta pot and painted it white with grey accents at the bottom. I then placed a Styrofoam ball in it and covered it with suckers. Our sign says, “Celebrate Children’s Book Week with us, with a sweet treat. Each child gets to pick a sucker from our sucker ball. If the bottom of the sucker is colored, you also get to pick a prize from our treasure box. One sucker per child. While Supplies last.” Our ball already has a few bald spots!

So there you have it! It’s like to those carnival sucker games you see at fairs and such. I decided to reward the kids who picked the grossest (in my opinion) sucker flavors by marking those so they can also pick a prize from the treasure box.


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