Soda-Pop Taste Testing

 Soda-Pop Taste Testing

This was the first in what will be a series of food tasting programs at the library this year. The Soda-Pop Taste Testing was our guinea pig program and went over very well despite some drawbacks and oversights on my part.

For this tasting, we tried three different brands of orange and cream soda.

I hid the brand names with blue construction paper labels that I numbered one through three, for each flavor. Each participant got an orange bottle of soda and cream soda bottle cut out to use during our voting period.

They also got sheets of paper in which to write down notes and thoughts and guess the brand name of each drink.

I asked them to note things like color, smell, flavor undertones, and carbonation.

Once everyone had tried all three flavors in each category, we took a vote and charted our findings.

After this we reviled the brands for each flavor.

For the Orange Soda
#1 = Fanta
#2 = Sunkist
#3 = Crush Orange

For the Cream Soda
#1 = A&W Cream Soda
#2 = Great Value Cream Soda
#3 = IBC Cream Soda

Many people were surprised by what their favorites were after the revile.

The best part of the program was that we were able to bridge three generations (kids, adults, seniors) with this program and everyone got along!

Things to change for the future:
How I have them vote: I had always intended on make a pretty graphing display in which they could add their vote, but this part of the program got away from me while I was working on ideas for Summer Reading. I would also make the voting pieces smaller next time. In addition to changing the graphing I thought it would be good to have some pretzels to snack on between each soda flavor in order to cleanse the palate, so to speak.

Future taste testing ideas: Ice cream, Potato Chips, Popcorn, Apples, candies and cookies



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