STEAM: Art Bots

Art Bots

Materials Needed:

– Plastic cups or pool noodles
– Dollar Store electric tooth brushes
– Markers
– Scissors
– Decorations ( pipe cleaners, pom pom balls, google eyes, etc. )
– Glue
– Duct Tape

art bot materials

HOW to assemble.

– First, you’ll want to get the motor out of the toothbrush. This may be the hardest part of the whole project. I ended up cutting off the top part of the brush and shoving the scissors into the whole to bush the motor out the big end.
– After you get the motor out you’ll want to make sure it runs by testing it with the battery. Make sure all pieces are in place and connected. You can then tape the area together to hold the battery in place.
– Next, you’ll want to cut a whole I the top of a plastic cup and fit the motor in. The bot will move in different ways depending on how deep the motor goes into the cut. You can experiment with this after the bot is all ready to go.
– Add some markers to the bottom of the bot, in any color combinations you want and tape them securely to the outside.
– Decorate your cup with permanent markers, pipe cleaners, pom poms or anything else you can think of.
– Now the fun begins!
– Turn your motor on and see what your bot can do!

Finished Art Bot Art!

art bot art

How it went: The kids needed much assistance from their parents to get the motor out of the tooth brush and running. The group didn’t seem very hands on and willing to experiment. I get the feeling that many kids want things done for them. Once their bots were assembled however, many went on to add lots of detail and accessories to their bots to make them their own. Everyone got to take their bots home with them at the end of the program.



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