STEAM : LED light up Greeting Cards

  LED Light Up Greeting Cards

STEAM is really picking up in libraries lately. The IREAD Summer Reading Program for 2017 is “Reading By Design” which will have a focus on STEAM like programs and creativity and building and architecture. With that in mind, it’s probably important to start planning and looking for STEAM related ideas and programs you can do during Summer Reading 2017. So, why not some LED Light UP Greeting Cards!

I was introduced to the idea at ILA last year. The Tinker Group put on a great presentation and even posted their slide show for all to find. You can view it here.


led  led 3  led 2

1. First you’ll want to create some type of greeting card. I found a cute light house image to use on a greeting card and printed a few sheets out. I had the kids color these before we did anything else.

2. I then showed them how to make a simple circuit using copper tape, LED lights and a watch battery.

3. It was now up to them to create this circuit and test it out before taping and gluing anything down.

The page has a really good PDF guide on how to create paper circuits if you need further explanation. Plus, they too have many more STEAM related ideas you should check out.

How It Went
Every kid walked away with a working paper circuit. Some were a little less patient than others and still some spent the most time coloring their image. We did this project right before Father’s Day, so many of the kids decided that it would make a great Father’s Day card. All in all, it was a success and everyone was impressed with their work.


3 thoughts on “STEAM : LED light up Greeting Cards

    • Hi Kathryn, we advertised this as an activity for kids in grades 4-6th but didn’t turn anyone away if they showed up. Parent involvement is key to the success of almost any program. 😊

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