Children’s Book Week 2015 – Display

Children’s Book Week

Children’s Book Week ran from May 4-10th this year. We decided to do a little contest to celebrate. I had found a similar idea on Pinterest using stuffed animals and the authors names but sadly, we don’t own any book characters in stuffed animal form, so I went ahead and created this display sign.


Children and their parents were to match the book character to the author. Slips of paper we available and they had all week to get their answers in. I put up a display of Eric Carle books around the board to draw attention towards it and because he wasn’t one of the authors (this time around) that we were trying to highlight. I had thought about putting books up by the authors on the display, but that would defeat the purpose of the contest.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of correct entries we had and ended up picking a winner out of a hat (it was really a box) to receive the $10 Barnes and Noble gift card we were giving away as a prize.

This was an easy and fun way to celebrate children and children’s books authors.


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