National Library Week 2015


National Library Week 2015


National Library Week fell between April 12th – 18th this year. To celebrate we launched a new service for our patrons, Freegal. Now I know Freegal isn’t new and has been around for awhile now but it’s new to Peoria and it’s new to us! I thought we could promote this service and some of our other services and databases by providing little cards with Smarties attached to them and the title “Be a Database Smartie” printed on one side. I got the idea by attending a programming unit at the Illinois Library Association Conference last year. It was just sitting in my head waiting for the perfect time.

We made hundreds of these little cards to give out at all of our locations. We set ours up at the computer registration area, since we want them to check out our website and what new things we have.

So far it’s been going great and our patrons love Freegal!

  IMG_4711  IMG_4712

Front side                                                   Back Side


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