Victoria Falls Tips and Tricks

For those visiting Victoria Falls for the first time,

heed some of the tips and tricks below.

These apply to those visiting the falls on the Zambia side.


1. Bring a Poncho: you will get wet.

2. Leave any valuables at home: These too will get wet. You can put them is plastic bags if you must bring them.

3. Purchase a waterproof Camera: and remember to wipe the front screen free of water droplets before snapping a picture. P1010351

4. Wear shorts: Pants will just soak up water all the way up to your knees.

5. Wear good traction sandals or gym shoes you don’t mind getting wet: You may be pouring water out of you shoes throughout your walk.

6. Bring Water: Especially in hot season. It gets warm.

7. Wear Sunscreen: Protect that skin. Sunglasses are also useful.

8. Boiling Point Trail: is only for those in good physical condition. There are many stairs that must be climbed but the effort is well worth it. P1010387

9. Bring money for the Curio Market: and be prepared to haggle the price of items. You have to play the game with them. Offer low as they will try to get you to pay more. It is ok to walk away if you don’t feel the deal is fair. Also, do this last, you don’t want to be carrying gifts around and trying to keep them dry.


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