January Make It Take It

Snow Measuring Stick


Our Make It Take It for this month was a craft I found on Pinterest.

I altered it a little because we didn’t have all the suggested supplies but the idea is still the same.

What you’ll need:

– Wooden Paint stirring sticks
– White paint/paint brush
– permanent marker
– Pom Pom balls or buttons
– Googly eyes
– Red yarn
– Orange crayon
– Black construction paper
– Glue
– Ruler

1. Paint your wooden paint stirring stick with two or more coats of white paint on both sides. Allow to dry.
2. Cut a small hat out of your black construction paper
3. Glue the goggly eyes and construction paper hat on to your Snowman Stick.
4. Cut about a foot of red yarn to wrap around the neck area of your Snowman Stick and tie a double knot to secure it.
5. Glue on the pom poms or buttons down the front of the Snowman Stick but only on the upper portion.
6. Color in an orange nose with your crayon and allow all pieces to dry
7. Flip the stick over and measure in inches up the back of the Snowman Stick and use your permeant marker to mark these lines.
8. During the next snowfall, take you Snowman Stick outside and measure how much snow has fallen.


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