National Women’s History Month – #ReadWomen2014

March is National Women’s History Month!

This month our display will feature Female authors of children’s books. I got the idea from a post my co-worker tagged me in on Facebook. It’s about this writer and artist named Joanna Walsh who sent out book marks with illustrations of female author’s on them as New Year’s cards to her friends and family. She didn’t realize the response she’d get when she started Tweeting about the female authors she wrote on the back of her cards.

Read women2

It has since become a movement “To Bring Gender Equality To The Literary World,” by encouraging more people to read works written by women. You can check out the original post I’m referring to below.

Inspiration for this display came from Rachel Moani’s Banned Books 2013 Display. She’s done some amazing library displays and you should check out her Pinterest page at
(I also need to work on my photo editing skills, I may have gone a little overboard with the sharpening tool on Pixelmator)


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