Build your own Droid

Star Wars Craft!

Star Wars Day is May 4th 2014

“May the fourth be with you!”


Star Wars Reads Day will most likely be held in the first week of October. Dates haven’t been released yet, so you have plenty of time to prepare if you’re going to host a Star Wars Party of some type.

Below are some examples of Droids you can make from cut outs of grey, black, and blue paper.

They are modeled after the famous R2D2 unit in the Star Wars movies.

Elvis was the inspiration for the middle droid.


I found this idea from a fellow blogger, Tip Junkie. Here is a link to her blog, which has a lovely printable droid template you can use. I drew my own and copied them on a scanner but feel free to use her printout and make life easier for yourself.

What you’ll need

– Black, Light Blue, White & Grey construction/card-stock paper

– Glue sticks

– Scissors

– Templates of R2D2 unit

– Pencils


1. First you’ll cut out your R2D2 unit from the white card-stock paper

2. Then, you’ll trace some shapes on the blue, black, and grey construction/card-stock paper and cut them out

3. Arrange the shapes on your droid and glue them down

It’s really that simple!

You can make yours look like the original R2D2 unit or you can create your own. Have fun with it!

star wars droids 2


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