Post-it Note Tangles

Our Tweens this week learned about the art of Tangling. It’s a form of drawing or doodling that uses patterns. Its supposed to create a Zen like feeling in the person, while they create these works of art. It has been said that it can help you stay focused.

Our Tweens practiced drawing tangles before they were given different colored Post-it Notes, to continue practicing tangles and/or creating their own. Check out their work below 🙂



You can find patterns like these and others at

And to learn more about tangling you can visit


4 thoughts on “Post-it Note Tangles

  1. These are AWESOME! I have been looking to do a new black and white art piece and this project (and the link you provided) have me inspired!

  2. I am hoping to do a similar program with tweens this coming summer. How much time did you allow for the kids to work on their tangles? I can see some kids spending two hours on it and others being done in ten minutes…

    • I limited the program to an hour. First, I gave them a little history of what tangles are and the benefits of doing them and then I showed them how to make simple tangles on a white board and had them practice on a sheet of paper. Then they had the rest of the time, about a half hour, to practice those tangles again on post-it notes or try their own. I had books out that they could look through as well. Some were done in ten minutes but I encouraged them to make more than just one post-it.

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