Eric Carle Inspires Me

I was cleaning up the pictures on my phone, to make room for new ones and realized that I had a few things stored in my phone that I took before Summer Reading started, and I wanted to share with everyone. Now, none of these are original ideas, they are just my spin on an idea I probably saw floating around on Pinterest.

Below is a Very Hungry Caterpillar Bulletin Board


And then a book and craft you could use in a Storytime. Egg cartons painted green and red with purple pipe cleaner antenna. I poked two holes in the egg cartons with push pins and just had the kids/adults thread the two ends on the pipe cleaner though them. They stayed better this way as opposed to gluing them on.


And here’s another Eric Carle book and craft. I drew both the shell and hermit crab myself and made copies for our volunteers to cut out. Then it was up to the kids to glue to two pieces together and add tissue paper as decoration. I tried to make my tissue paper look like all the different things Hermit Crab used to decorated his own house.


I ❤ Eric Carle


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