Treasure Hunt

Last week my Book Club K2 (Grades K-2) went on a Treasure hunt!!! We are reading Geronimo Stilton: Valley of the Giant Skeletons and in the book the characters themselves go on a treasure hunt and end up in the Gobi Desert. Our treasure hunt was through the library and the children had to tackle some obstacles before they got to the end where the treasure of cookies and juice was awaiting them.

First they had to cross the Sea of Jellies

Here, I blew up normal party balloons and attached streamers and bubble wrap strips to the ends. Some of the jellies even have faces drawn on them with permanent marker. Their goal was to make it across without popping any of the bubbles or balloons, otherwise they’d be stung by a jellyfish.


Next, the Children had to make their way through the Jungle of Vines.

Streamers strung from book shelf to book shelf in a crisscross pattern made this a fun activity for the kids as they performed their best ninja skills to make it through.


Finally, they had to crawl through the Cave of Wonders.

A simple set up of tables and sheets of paper draped over them made for easy clean up but still got the idea across.


What ideas do you have for a treasure hunt?


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